Ocala Pest Inspection CompanyYou will need a pest inspection done when selling or purchasing a home in Ocala, Florida, it is necessary to have a pest inspection done by a professional Ocala home inspector to determine if there are any Wood-destroying Organisms. Southland Home Inspections should be your choice for a timely, complete, and professional pest inspection and report.

Frequently referred to as “termite inspections,” WDO inspections also include any insect or organism that damages a building’s structure, such as beetles or other destructive insects, wood rot, and fungus.

First, we will make an assessment, looking for concerns, including:

  • Water sources or waste disposal near the building
  • Vegetation or mulch placed against or near the building
  • Evidence of damage and debris caused by insects within the building
  • Holes or cracks in or around the walls, doors, or windows
  • Condensation or moisture leaks around plumbing, windows, or climate control equipment


The Important of a Ocala Pest Inspection for a Home Seller

If you are selling your home, make sure it is pest free with Ocala’s Southland Home Inspections’ comprehensive pest inspection. If signs of infestation are found and you are selling your home, being proactive with treatments can help avoid potential problems. You can avoid delays in listing and showing your home by being proactive in this area. Inspections are especially important if the house has been vacant or on the market for some time.

The Importance of a Pest Inspection for a Home Buyer

If you are buying a home, you need to know the risks and drawbacks associated with an infestation before completing your purchase.


Frequently referred to as WDO Report, most lenders require one prior to closing on your mortgage. Additionally, although VA loans have more relaxed guidelines than other mortgages, VA loans do require inspections for wood-boring pests unless you are getting a VA streamline refinance. Condo purchases do not require a pest inspections unless the appraiser notices evidence of wood-destroying pests or it is a first-floor condo unit.

Reasons for Choosing Southland Home Inspections

The main goal of your Ocala Florida pest inspection company is to see if there are any insects or other pests threatening the structural integrity of the home. The emphasis is on pests and insects that destroy or eat wood, such as carpenter ants, termites, or wood-boring beetles. From the time you Order an Inspection from Southland Home Inspections until the completion and delivery of the report, our staff and inspectors assist:

  • The Realtor in getting the property to closing.
  • The Seller get the property ready for listing, showing, and sale.
  • The Buyer know the condition of the property and feel confident in making an offer.

We complete the inspection in a timely manner and provide copies to the requesting party and the closing company. Call us today at 352-299-6914 or use our convenient on-line order form.

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