Quality water is important for every homeowner. Some of the problems encountered by poor water quality include:

  • Health problems
  • Unpleasant taste and odor
  • Costly treatment systems

Ocala well water inspection by Southland Home Inspections provides complete testing for your city or well water. We know your community or home’s situation and level of risk. For example, wells can contain bacteria and pesticides and they can be a host for other contaminants. Unfortunately, many wells in the Ocala, Florida area are very shallow, so the quality of the water they pump may be questionable. Additionally, older homes on city water built prior to federal and local rules and regulations being put into effect, may have problems. Southland Home Inspections can assure you of the safety and quality of your city or well water, making sure it complies with USDA, FHA & VA loan requirements.

If Your Home Has City Water

Laws require public well water inspection and treatment. However, testing is on the water before it leaves the treatment plant. The pipes through which the water passes may contain lead or other pollutants, or be in poor condition. Therefore, by the time it reaches your home, you have contaminated water.

Choose Southland Home Inspections with confidence. We offer a full range of services, assessing each customers’ needs and concerns about their specific water quality situation. We use proper materials to conduct a water quality test.

If you’re Ocala Home Has a Well

Homeowners enjoy avoiding water bills when they have a well. However, it is important to know that the water coming from the well not only is uncontaminated, but tastes good. Water testing in Ocala, FL by Southland Home Inspections looks for both EPA Safe Drinking Water Act categories:

  • Contaminants that effect health (primary contaminants)
  • Contaminants that cause bad water color, odor, or taste (secondary contaminants)

If you have well water, we test for coliform bacteria, nitrates, pH, total dissolved solids, and any other contaminants. Sources of contamination include:

  • Manure runoff or pest waste
  • Seepage from a septic system
  • Road chemicals
  • Chemicals naturally present, i.e. calcium, chloride, iron, and sulfur
  • Remember, if you are buying a home, water testing is mandatory for some loans, including FHA and VA loans.

Use Southland Home Inspection for your next Well Water Inspection

We understand that turnaround times are critical to completing real estate transactions. Additionally, we know the importance of water testing to the purchase or sale of a new home. A house with a contaminated well or a system in disrepair takes longer to sell and may not sell for as much money.

Southland Home Inspections provides professional water testing, accurately performed by certified laboratories. Whether your home has a well or is on a city system, we will determine the quality and purity of the water. Give us a call today!

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